Test sample request

What are the possibilities?

It can be hard to pick the right voice. Of course you can tell a lot from the demos on our website, but you still sometimes wonder: ‘Is this the right voice for my project?’. We like to help you end the doubt. With our free sample recording feature you can get the certainty you want. The voice over you are considering can record a sample for you, so you can discover whether this is the right voice for your video.

How do I request a sample?Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 13.25.56

You can request a recording sample via our website. Go to the voice over you are considering and click ‘More info’. This will take you to their profile. There you can choose the option ‘Ask for a sample first’. First log in – if you are not already logged in – and then request the sample.

You can also include a briefing for the voice over in your sample request. This is important, because without a briefing it might still be hard to decide whether the voice over is the right one for your video.

Are you happy with the sample? Then you can book the voice over. You can easily do this in the sample project: in the bottom right corner of your project you can either select or reject the voice.

What does a sample cost?                 

Good question, easy answer: not a thing! Together with our voice overs we offer this service for free. Wrong picks are good for no one, after all.