How does retake work

What is a retake  ?

In general, when a project is forwarded, it is final. So this should contain all the information for you to record. If you make a mistake yourself, it must be corrected free of charge. If the customer makes a mistake or wants something different than in the briefing that is of course also possible, but then you can charge a retake fee. If it is a phrase or a word, I would personally take it with me free of charge (to help the client improve the end result), but with larger changes we have a guideline to help you set a fee for those:

What are the retake fees? 

Most of our voice overs follow us in the following, just to give you an idea: 

Within one month 1 word or 1 sentence retake = free

Within one month 3 sentences or a small paragraph retake = € 50 (€ 67 for client)

Within one month full retake of the script = 50% of original fee

After one month it's up to you if you want to keep the above suggestion or see this as a new job/fee.

After three months it will be harder to be able to match the original recording and you may have adjusted something in your studio, so depending on this you can charge a retake of a new full fee.

This is not law, but our clients are quite used to it, so it's up to you. 

You can mention in the chat box if you want a fee for it, just make sure you always add our margin, we will take our margin from the fee you mentioned.

How to calculate? Take the clients fee and multiply that by 0,75 to get your fee, or divide your fee by 0,75 if you want to know what the client needs to pay.

If the client agrees to the fee you can start the recording, upload the audio and fill in the reason and your fee. You then have the possibility to upload your invoice in the left section of your project.

How does the retake process work ?

After the client approves your extra fee, you can upload the retake in the same project as follows: 

When uploading your new audio, please select "Retake because of new information of the client", then "Amount agreed on with customer". 

Then, you can fill in the agreed amount including the Voicebooking commission, which is € in this case. 

Add your file(s), write a message if you want and save it to the project.

Once this is done, you can upload your extra invoice with the new VB number via the button on the bottom left.