First time using Project Pages

Here is how our system works:


After receiving your proposal (including all possible costs) we will forward it to the client. Upon approval, we receive the client's briefing in Project Pages. After we have checked this, we will send it to you.

Do not start recording without an invitation from us - unless specifically mentioned by us

You need to log in to your profile to open the project. If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the login page and click 'Forgot password?' Your username is your email address.

Upload Audio

When you click on the (new) project you find the briefing on the left, on the right you can upload your recorded audio. In the middle part you see the chatbox. This you can use to communicate directly with the client about the content of the job. Don’t mention your last name and also don’t give out any contact details (even if the customer asks for it). 


If there is a retake you want to be paid for, communicate that fee including our margin (25%, so your fee divided by 0,75). Once the client has agreed on the fee you can start recording, upload your retake audio, fill in the reason for the retake and the agreed fee. You can then upload your extra invoice on the left bottom side of the screen. Please note this will generate a new VB number that differs from the original project.


You can also let us know if you are not available for a new project because of holiday or a cold or another reason. You can use the tab Availability to fill in the form for this.


After you've recorded the audio you need to upload your invoice via the left bottom button. Please make sure you send your invoice in €. Our payment term starts from the moment you upload your invoice.

Here are the details of our company that should be on your invoice:

Krijn Taconiskade 286

1087 HW Amsterdam

The Netherlands

VAT: NL855686315B01

The following details should also be on your invoice:

- invoice date

- our job number (starts with VB)

- our VAT number (for EU citizens only)

- your VAT number (for EU citizens only)

- your bank account number or other account and BIC code

Payment can be made via banktransfer, Paypal or WISE. Please mention your preferred method on your invoice. Any additional costs of the payment provider will be deducted from the invoice amount.


We currently have a payment term of 60 days, and invoices will only be paid after we have received the payment for the project from the client.

By accepting the assignment you automatically agree to our 60-day payment term.

Please let us know if there are any questions.