Voicebooking for Teams

You can now share your projects with colleagues, clients or partners

You can now add members to your team. This allows you to collaborate with others in an easy way. Every team member will have access to all voice over projects and requests. The billing address will still be the projectowner’s billing details, but team billing addresses will be added in the near future. 

Only the voice over generator projects will remain private to your account. 

Inviting a team member

In the menu, on the top right corner of your screen, you will see the team members page. This is where you now can invite the team members you want for your projects. 

By clicking on “Invite team member”, filling in the details and clicking on “Send”, you can invite new users to Voicebooking or even existing users of our platform. 

You can see an overview of all the members you have invited to your team. The invitation link is valid for 24 hours, and in case the invitation was not accepted in time, you can always resend the invitation on this page. 

Accepting the invitation to a team

You can accept the invitation of your team member by opening your email and clicking on the accept button. 

And by confirming with your password, you will join the team. 

The moment you accept your invitation and confirm your password, you will see an overview with the projects of your team. 

Who can I add to my team? 

You can add an existing customer of Voicebooking to your team. Use the email address that they use to login to the platform and they’ll receive an invitation. 

You can also add a new user or a freelancer to the platform. They will be invited to register and will be added to your team. 

How can I share a project with a team?

All voice over projects and requests can be shared with a team. Only your voice over generator projects will remain private, as will your subscription. 

As a project owner, you can share a project with a team on the project page. You can also share a project with multiple teams or with teams that you created and with associated teams. However, you can not share a project that you didn’t create. 

You can remove a user from your team you can leave any team at any given moment.

Multiples teams 

You can join multiple teams and you can create an unlimited amount of teams.

You can also invite a person to more than 1 team. 

Can I resend the invitation after the link has expired?

Yes, links are valid for 24 hours and the team owner can resend a link on the team members page. 

Can I have private projects?

Yes, if you don’t share your project, this will be only accessible to you.